Biz Consultant by profession. I talk about Cutting-edge Technology, Marketing & Ad Campaigns. On the lighter side, I share original poems, fiction & thoughts.

You provide the empty canvas and allow your audience to make the art

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Personalized emails, targeted ads, and everything new in the field of marketing is there for some reason. They drive brand awareness and recognition, eventually resulting in sales. But it is not enough.

There is no “Enough” in a marketer’s dictionary. It is all about creativity on top of creativity. Every…

Everything you need to know to properly understand the concept

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I first heard about NFTs a few months back. The first impression was that it was something similar to the cryptocurrencies. But the problem was that I never ‘thoroughly’ understood cryptos in the first place. I never bothered about it until a close buddy asked about this in our WhatsApp…

Why is that my mind is wired to remember events that I now regret, more vividly than the many other pleasant ones?

A Yellow Rubik's Cube. Or a side of Rubik's cube that is all yellow. The background is yellow too. It is not a real image. An illutration.
Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash.

I don’t know what babies feel. Do they feel pain, happiness, anxiety? Anything? As an adult I think it is a shame if we cannot recreate these feeling at any point in our lives. To sit on an old wooden chair and reminisce about past events feels like an enjoyable…

Akshay Ravi

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