How Rihanna’s Single Tweet Exposed a Conspiracy in the Largest Democracy

Rihanna’s tweet made a lot of people uncomfortable, and they started speaking up for the first ever time!

Viral Tweet from Rihanna’s Twitter handle

That’s what Rihanna tweeted. It is no big deal. Celebrities have always raised their voices against such issues that exploit the common people. This should not have created a huge blow out, except it did. A lot of people became uncomfortable in one of the largest democracies in the world. To give you all more context- farmers from the northern part of India have been conducting protests against the government for several weeks now. They wanted the Narendra Modi lead government to withdraw the new farm laws that it has passed in the parliament. The government has been denying the voices of thousands of farmers, leading to violent outbursts during the protests.

Like every other situation, people took sides in India. Indian youths have been utilizing the power of social media to expose the “religious” agendas of the Modi government. One of the biggest upsets before the farm laws was the Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019, which was heavily discriminative to the minority Muslims of the nation. The Modi government did not budge against the protests, and more things kept happening, one after the other.

The followers of Modi and BJP are trying hard to promote the “good” side of everything. But the rest of the nation is not buying any of it. When Rihanna’s tweet became viral, her comment section became a “desi” verbal battleground for the two sides.

But that was not all. The most interesting part was that a section of people in India started speaking up all of a sudden. And strange enough, they all sounded exactly the same. Like someone has taught them what exactly to say, word by word.

I am talking about the A-list celebrities of the country- from Cricketers to Bollywood actors. It became clear that they are paid puppets of the government. Al though thousands of common people have been protesting for weeks, and many of them getting severely attacked by the government forces, the Indian celebrities only spoke up because of a tweet from the west.

Sachin Tendulkar was my childhood hero. A legendary cricketer who is widely respected even in England. The good thing about the youth in India is that they don’t care if you are a legend. Because if you speak bullshit, you will be treated the same way. Sachin got a good taste of the youth of India.

People became so furious because Sachin did not utter a single word when the farmers got beaten up, for fighting a fight that would determine their very existence.

And then we have other celebrities shamelessly tweeting the same thing, literally the same thing! If this is not proof enough to say that the celebrities are being bought by the government, I don’t know what is!

All these tweets aside, there are logical attacks against Rihanna as well. I don’t deny it. Some of the people have accused Rihanna of posting the tweet without learning about it. I do give these people the benefit of the doubt, because it is possible that Rihanna could have posted it without reading anything about these protests. Also, she is an outsider who couldn’t possibly know much about the socio political and economical situation of India.

But I have a counter question for all these people and celebrities who did not shy away from tweeting about #BlackLivesMatter. What do you know about it? How did you become an expert in it so much as to support the cause? If you can talk about the miseries of the west and mock their leaders, then why cannot they do the same? Why do you get triggered? Rihanna has access to all the materials that you have access to, if not more. Also, she is rich enough to hire an entire research team to do the analysis for her.

I don’t think that Rihanna’s tweet would bring about any real change in policies. I don’t think that the government of the largest democracy in the world would budge just because an artist with sales of over 250 million records worldwide tweeted about it. But the real change that happened is that her single tweet exposed the corrupted A-listers of the nation. It exposed a huge government lead scam where it has bought the most powerful celebrities of the nation to manipulate the public.

Rihanna’s tweet also made other foreign celebrities to voice their support for the Indian farmers. Though Modi supporters claim that it is a global conspiracy planned by the Congress lead opposition government to defame the Modi government, the educated youth of India fortunately know to read fiction from reality.

Here is my verdict after reading the farm laws. They sound really great on the outset, with potential to improve the revenue stream in the farming sector. But there are some hidden clauses that are against the fundamental rights of any Indian citizen. There are clauses that clearly mention that the farmers cannot contest any foul practice from the buyers in the civil courts, but it will be taken up by the government officials. Why do the government hate civil courts? If it is because of the elongated time for the courts to arrive at the judgements, why cannot the government form a tribunal exclusive for the farm laws?

I personally believe that the government is slowly changing the rules of the game. It is trying to uproot the judiciary system and create a parallel justice mechanism where it can pull the strings to its favor.

I stand with the farmers. You can read about the Farmers' Produce Trade and Commerce in detail here and form an educated view of the whole situation.

Let democracy win. Thanks for reading!

Research Consultant. Dreamer. Reader. I try to write better each day. Movie fanatic- if I am to pick a favourite, it would be ‘Boyhood’ by Richard Linklater

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